Saturday, February 14, 2009

'The Maiden Heist' show will go on in Worcester

Contrary to a report in the daily paper, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy, stars of the made-in-Boston flick "The Maiden Heist," will offer a sneak peek of their art-heist comedy at Worcester's Hanover Theatre at 7:30 p.m. March 7, 2009.

Yep, the show will go on. But, it may be your only chance to see the film on the big screen ... at least for awhile.

Fears that the Hanover Theatre gala was canceled were fueled after Yari Film Group's Emily Lambert e-mailed the Globe saying, "I don't anticipate any screenings of 'The Maiden Heist' in the near future."

While the sneak peek in Worcester is still a go, Yari Film Group's releasing arm, which was forced to file Chapter 11 back in December, has sent the film's producer Rob Paris scrambling to find a new distributor.

“I have no doubt we will find ourself with a wonderful new distributor,” he tells the Worcester Telegram. “It’s not a question of ‘if.’ It’s a question of ‘when’ and ‘who.’ ”

"The Maiden Heist," formerly known as "The Lonely Maiden," stars Walken, Macy and Morgan Freeman in a comedy of errors following three museum security guards and their attempt to steal artwork after it's been transferred to another museum.

Proceeds from the movie gala will benefit The Worcester Art Museum. The WAM's Renaissance Court and art galleries were transformed into the film's scene of the crime back in December 2007. Boston locations include South Boston's Murphy's Law and the fire-destroyed The Grecian Yearning in Allston.

Paris along with the film's director Peter Hewitt and screenwriter Michael LeSieur are also scheduled to attend the premiere.

Click here for tickets, ranging from $30 to $200 for VIP access.
Photo credit Yari Film Group

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