Friday, March 20, 2009

ABC-TV crews take over State House in Boston

The ABC-TV pilot, formerly known as "I, Claudia" and "See Kate Run," has taken over the Massachusetts State House in Boston as of 6 p.m. today. Crews are currently filming exterior shots in front of the gilded-domed building and a motley crew of extras have spent the early evening walking up and down the steps.

Starring Amy Smart in the main role, the series with a working title called the "Untitled John Scott Shepherd Project" follows a Boston-based district attorney destined to become the first female president.

Crews from FTP Productions LLC, the group orchestrating the massive shoot for ABC, are filming during off hours at the State House for two weekends (including Saturday, March 28) and Jamaica Plain's Doyle's Cafe, acting as a stand-in for the real 21st Amendment hangout located at 150 Bowdoin St.

Click here for additional photos on Hub On Location.

--Photos by Sam Baltrusis


Rebecca said...

Heh...I love those inaccurate Hollywood shots of lots of people moving across spaces which are never that filled (except in really rare events).

Anonymous said...

The State house front gates are only opened on 3 occasions: 1. when the president visits, 2. when a foreign head of state visits and 3 when a massachusetts regimental flag is retired.
So if the show is about a bostonian president, this could be an accurate shot, though JFK never visited as President, only president elect and had to use the Hooker Entrance like all the other poor slobs :(

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