Monday, March 16, 2009

Amy Smart's ABC TV pilot casting rockers, rowers

The ABC TV pilot, formerly known as "I, Claudia" and "See Kate Run," begins filming in Boston on Thursday, March 19.

Starring Amy Smart in the main role, the series with a working title called the "Untitled John Scott Shepherd Project" follows a Boston-based district attorney destined to become the first female president.

Mara Casting, a scouting group that held an open casting call at a warehouse located at 300 W. 1st Street in South Boston back on Saturday, March 7, is still on the hunt for specific roles, including:
  • 18+ Hispanic men and women who look 15-18 and could pass as being in high school
  • Gorgeous Hispanic women who are 18+ but look younger and are comfortable posing in lingerie
  • Rowers, bonus if you have access to (or own) a crew team boat
  • Rocker types who own and can play your own guitar (no bright colors)
Click here for the casting lowdown.

1 comment:

ChrisWhitt said...

What a hottie Amy is....Sitting in Cityhall Chelsea watching her do her thing....who knew it takes about 300 people to film a scene!

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