Monday, March 16, 2009

Ben Affleck is Esquire Magazine's April cover boy

Officially hitting stands tomorrow, Cambridge homeboy Ben Affleck graces Esquire's April 2009 cover. Based on his comments, he's no April fool.

In the profile, Affleck plays the humble card for writer Tom Chiarella. "Who I am, as a person, in my everyday life, wouldn't sell any magazines," Affleck says. "And even when I've been in circumstances like relationships ended, where that seemed like high drama, the truth was much more pedestrian when you got right down to it."

As previously reported in Loaded Gun, Affleck will follow-up his made-in-Boston directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" with the Charlestown-based flick "The Town," an adaptation of the blue-collar heist novel by Chuck Hogan which was written for the big screen by Peter Craig.

Chiarella asks Affleck if he's worried about being pigeonholed as a Boston-only director.

"Yeah, I think there's always a worry among directors that — unless you're some genius like Paul Thomas Anderson — you'll get pigeonholed, that maybe you can only tell stories about one city. It's simple: I just respond to the story," Affleck says. "I have since I first read it. That fact that it's set in Boston may be part of that, but I'm not out there looking to document Boston. I want to tell good stories."

Click here for the latest on Affleck's "The Town."
--Cover image courtesy Esquire

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