Thursday, March 19, 2009

'The Company Men' film heads to Boston in April

Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones join Ben Affleck in "The Company Men," a topical flick about the impact of corporate downsizing on the masses. Based on the script by director John Wells, "The Company Men" is slotted to start filming next month in Boston.

Yep, Affleck returns to his roots and Jones, a Harvard grad, will revisit his collegiate stomping grounds in April.

According to Variety, Affleck plays a corporate bigwig whose six-figure salary is suddenly cut after he gets a pink slip. Costner, a blue-collar construction worker, offers Affleck a job installing drywall.

Jones, portraying a senior corporate exec, struggles with the unethical exploits of his partners.

When asked by Esquire magazine if he's worried about being pigeonholed as a Boston-only filmmaker, Affleck (who is slotted to director another made-in-Boston film, "The Town," in 2009) snipes back.

"Yeah, I think there's always a worry among directors that — unless you're some genius like Paul Thomas Anderson — you'll get pigeonholed, that maybe you can only tell stories about one city. It's simple: I just respond to the story," Affleck says. "I have since I first read it. That fact that it's set in Boston may be part of that, but I'm not out there looking to document Boston. I want to tell good stories."
--Photo courtesy of Esquire, April '09

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