Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Shot: :: Shepard Fairey's mural destroyed

Above is a shot of one of Shepard Fairey's infamous graffiti installations on an abandoned storefront on Melcher and A Street in the Fort Point neighborhood. Unfortunately, the public-art piece is ripped and shredded to bits.

The street art-- along with a slew of other Institute of Contemporary Art-commissioned pieces scattered throughout the city including Grand boutique in Somerville's Union Square, the red brick wall outside the Gap at 15 Brattle Street and Central Kitchen in Cambridge's Central Square--has been under fire by anti-Fairey critics.

Click here for more photos from the "Loaded Gun Random Shots" series.
--Photo by Sam Baltrusis


Anonymous said...

Wow. Way to go Boston. Shine on, cultural backwater, shine on.

Anonymous said...

Seeing this ripped made me sick to my stomach. I understand that Fairey is a polarizing figure, but to actually rip down what many people consider to be public art disgusts me. I'm blown away.

Anonymous said...

Public Art is made to be ripped down, added to, covered up... it's dynamic, it's changing, it's fickle... it's social commentary... get over yourself... it's wheat pasted - seriously... it's Coca Cola... it's Propaganda...It's Marketing

"sick to your stomach" - you don't get out much


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