Monday, March 23, 2009

'VSI' sign mystery and 'See Kate Run' at Doyle's

The online rumor mill was buzzing over several sightings of the "VSI" film sign posted near locations for the currently-in-production ABC-TV pilot formerly known as "See Kate Run."

The yellow "VSI" sign--previously associated with the made-in-Boston flick "The Surrogates" starring Bruce Willis--was used last summer as an acronym for Virtual Self Industries, or the name of the company that creates the futuristic surrogates in the film slotted to hit theaters on Friday, Sept. 25.

Confused? Just wait.

On set today of "See Kate Run" in Jamaica Plain, crews were busy transforming Doyle's Cafe located at 3484 Washington St. into the 21st Amendment, a stand-in for the political watering hole across the street from the State House. Large black tarps covered a portion of the JP hangout and several crew trailers were parked at the MBTA parking lot near the Forest Hills T stop.

The two police officers outside of Doyle's had no clue why "VSI" signs were used for the "See Kate Run" pilot when asked. However, one of the ABC-TV crew guys, busy transforming the Doyle's set on Monday, March 23, responded when confronted by Loaded Gun.

Why are the "VSI" production signs being used for "See Kate Run" production? "Because they already had them," jokes the production guru. "I guess they didn't feel like making us new ones."

According to crew members, "See Kate Run" staffers are using "VSI" hand-me-downs from "The Surrogates" shoot because it's a pilot .. and not a recurring made-in-Boston series. Maybe they'll get their own yellow signs if ABC picks up the series?

Click here for additional photos on Hub On Location. And, click here for the latest on "See Kate Run."
--Photos by Sam Baltrusis


Anonymous said...

The VSI signs are showing up in the Back Bay area. Are they still shooting the pilot for See Kate Run?

Sam Baltrusis said...

Yes, they're filming late-night scenes on Tremont (the area near The Beehive, Calderwood Pavilion and Cyclorama). Filming begins at 2 a.m.

Sam Baltrusis said...

They're filming "See Kate Run" between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 4.

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