Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boston episode of MTV's 'The Phone' airs May 5

MTV's latest competition reality show, "The Phone" produced by Justin Timberlake, premiered with a bang and a terrifying crawl on Seattle's Space Needle during the series debut on Tuesday, April 21. Good news is that the Boston-set episode is slotted to hit MTV on 10 p.m. Tuesday, May 5.

Boston-area locals featured in the episode include Marblehead's Katelyn Kennedy, Seekonk's Chris Hanoian, Allston's Stephanie Hallett and Worcester's Rob Wilson.

As previously reported in Loaded Gun, crews from the "The Phone" shot scenes in Chelsea Square in Chelsea. Charlestown, South End and East Boston two months ago with John Fiore, a former mob boss from "The Sopranos," acting in one of the reality show's scenarios.

In the Boston-shot sequence, two teams are challenged to "take down the mob before an assassination takes place." The goal in the mob smack down is to save the life of a police officer.

Raymond Alongi, an acting veteran and a native of Quincy, plays the role of a Boston police officer in the episode.

"Yes, I had a blast doing the show," muses Alongi in a previous interview. "When you see it, you'll know what I mean by blast!"

According to NYC-based KKenn (Katelyn Kennedy), she had fun running around Boston in the mock-mafioso mission. "I was one of the contestants in the show and they had Raymond chase me around the city and through the T," she remarks here. "It was a great time!"

Photographer Ryan Miner says Chelsea is a prime location for the Boston-set episode of "The Phone." Miner explains, "One of the best scenes is going to be where a man jumps off a four-story building. That is the scene that was shot in Chelsea. My wife and her best friend were watching the filming and ended up being extras, when gun shots are being fired, they run down a sidewalk."

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--Photo by Mark Mainz courtesy MTV

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