Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chris Cooper, Phone Car, Imagine at IFFBoston

Boston's Independent Film Festival was a madhouse Saturday, April 25 in front of the Somerville Theatre. Actor Chris Cooper, narrator of the Luis Tiant documentary "The Lost Son of Havana," took a breather outside of the packed theater with his wife Marianne Leone during the screening.

The actor, who recently snagged a role in the Ben Affleck downsizing drama "The Company Men," signed autographs and was genuinely a nice guy. As previously reported in Loaded Gun, The Farrelly brothers and Tiant were also at the premiere of "The Lost Son of Havana." Also, IFFBoston organizers announced yesterday that a second screening has been added 5 p.m. Sunday, April 26 in response to the max-capacity crowds tonight.

While Cooper was generating some IFFBoston buzz on the sidewalk, The Phone Car parked near the Davis Square T station was getting all of the action down the street. Created by business owner Howard Davis as a way to promote his telephone company, he parked the car outside of the Somerville Theatre to help promote the flick "Auto-Morphosis" which screened at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, April 25.

Folks were plopping their kids on the car and trying to take photos. One couple, who somehow fit their entire family and friends on top of the mobile, got into a verbal confrontation with the Phone Car guy. "You should have put signs up," yelled an angry mother after Davis admonished them to get off his car. "You have a tourist attraction and you expect people not to sit on it?"

Davis' response, "Would you sit on someone's Corvette?" The family still seemed ticked off.

Meanwhile inside the theater, I snagged a copy of the special edition of Imagine magazine's New England location, production & resource guide. Publisher Carol Patton asked for permission to use some of my photos here from the "See Kate Run" shoot a few weeks back. I was surprised to see that three of my photos landed on the cover of the regional trade publication. How exciting!

Click here for the lowdown on Imagine.

--Phone Car photo by Sam Baltrusis

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Anonymous said...

I know Howard Davis. Like him I own an Art Car. Let me tell you: an Art Car, depending on your artistic skills and dedication, takes a lot of planning, money and time to create. Try to see it from Howard's perspective. The Phone Car represents months of hard work and lots of money to plan, assemble and perfect. It's personal property. People are free to stand beside anybody's personal property to take a picture. No harm, no fowl. Scrambling onto it represents a risk to the property and the impulsive public.

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