Thursday, April 30, 2009's all-media circus bash at 6B

The all-media bash at 6B Lounge in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood turned out great. The restaurant was at max-capacity and the drink and conversation continued for hours. Above is a shot of Noelle Sevoian, my assistant and an up-and-coming blogger and Susan Johnston, a freelance writer and former "Pitch Letter Essentials" student.

Thanks to everyone for making the event a success! Also, click here for photos from Patty Caya (including the one below).Mediabistro party host Sam Baltrusis and party volunteers Susan Johnston and Noelle Sevoian.
--Photo by Sam Baltrusis and Patty Caya


Rhea said...

Congrats on a great event, and sorry I could not be there! But a friend went and is going to fill me in on everything!

Sam Baltrusis said...

You had an army of supporters there!

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