Monday, May 25, 2009

Casting Ben Affleck look-alike with golfing skills

Pass for Cambridge homeboy Ben Affleck and have mad skills with a driver and 9-iron pitching wedge? You're in luck.

Billy Dowd Casting is on the hunt for an excellent golfer who is also a look-alike/photo double for Affleck for an upcoming scene featuring the hometown actor in the made-in-Boston flick "The Company Men." You must be around 6'2" with dark hair and have a killer swing.

On Tuesday, June 2, Affleck is scheduled to make a return visit to the Gannon Municipal Golf Course in Lynn to finish scenes he shot on Wednesday, April 8.

However, based on reports, Affleck had a few issues mastering the game. In fact, Affleck hit dirt with the golf club and a bucket full of balls when he teed up at McGolf in Dedham last month.

"He had a beard and it looked weird," says McGolf co-owner Marion McInerney here, adding that Affleck wasn't happy when a patron tried to snap his photo. "He said he wants to learn the game and he doesn't want to be made fun of."

When if comes to filming the golf scene, it appears that Affleck has dropped the ball ... literally.

As previously reported, crews for John Wells' downsizing drama "The Company Men" are slotted to film on Wednesday, May 27 at Daisy Buchanan's pub located located at 240 Newbury St. on the corner of Fairfield.

Before taking over Newbury Street on Wednesday, crews are scheduled to film at a private residence on Crowninshield Road in Marblehead on Tuesday, May 26. The home, with a stunning waterfront view, is the residence of Brian and Nancy McCarthy of Kelly's Roast Beef fame.

Interested in being Affleck's club-swinging double? E-mail Dowd at with a photo and details about your golfing ability. Serious inquiries only.

Click here for the latest on "The Company Men."

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Ben Lover said...

Does anyone know if they're really casting a golfer look-alike? Is this some kind of joke... PS LOVE YOU BEN!

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