Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Emilee Fitzpatrick heats up 'Real World: Cancun'

Emilee Fitzpatrick, a stunning 21-year-old waitress from nearby South Hamilton, is one of the eight strangers picked to live in a house in the upcoming season of "Real World: Cancun," slotted to heat up MTV on Wednesday, June 24 at 10 p.m.

Yep, once again, the "Real World" will have eight strangers living in a house ... or, in this case, a boutique hotel ... together.

The daughter of a therapist, Fitzpatrick's profile here says she's "been trying to change her perspective on men, sex and love" and is looking for someone to settle down with.

Will she hook up in Cancun?

According to Fitzpatrick's MySpace page here, she's a student currently in a relationship who moonlights as a waitress at Hooters in Saugus. "I love my job," she muses. "Working at Hooters has allowed me to meet some great girls who never fail at making me laugh."

The local beauty continues, "People often meet me and have a wrong perception of me. That's cool, because I usually change their minds."

Fitzpatrick, who is back in Boston after taping the show in Cancun, can't say much about the MTV reality show at this point or give any insider info about her girl-on-girl smooch with a fellow female cast mate. Also, she can't comment on reports of H1N1, formerly known as Swine Flu, shutting down the set.

However, if the trailer here is any indication, expect an emotional explosion from one of the female cast members on "Real World: Cancun."

Is Fitzpatrick involved? Tune in on Wednesday, June 24 to find out.

UPDATE: Click here for some behind-the-scenes video from StudentCity.com.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know this girl, she hangs with alot of my sons friends... so cool.. glad she's doing something exciting!

Anonymous said...

This girl just served me and my friends at hooters soo hot!!!

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