Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'The Proposal' transforms Rockport into Alaska

Here are a few shots from the set of "The Proposal," the made-in-Massachusetts flick starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. A large portion of the film was shot in Rockport in April 2008, where the downtown area was transformed to look like Sitka, Alaska. In fact, set designers lined the area with large totem poles in Dock Square to mimic the frigid locale.

In the flick, high-powered book editor Margaret Tate (Bullock) forces her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in order to keep from losing her visa status in NYC and avoid deportation to Canada. "The Proposal" hits theaters on Friday, June 19.

Nick Paleologos, the executive director of the Massachusetts Film Office, unveiled the Rockport-into-Sitka switcheroo at a screening last week at the Tremont Street AMC theater.

According to Paleologos, it's a good thing when Hollywood transforms our state into another locale for the big screen.

"When Hollywood looks at a script that's not set in Boston or doesn't have a scene from the Fenway or other local spots, and yet it gets filmed here — that's big," he spilled here. "We're now getting movies set in New York and Alaska. Our reputation for film is getting bigger and better."

Locally-shot scenes for "The Proposal" were filmed at 225 Franklin Street, Bearskin Neck in Rockport, the Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton as well as scenes in Gloucester.

The photos above are from Bearskin Neck, where shops like Kanegis Gallery can be seen in the film as the Sitka Internet Cafe and James Russell Goldsmiths was transformed into Alaska Outfitters.

Salvatore Santone, a nine-year-old actor from Holbrook who snagged roles in three made-in-Boston films including "The Proposal," landed a speaking role in the movie which unfortunately was cut in the final edit. However, you can see him on screen while Bullock and Reynolds hike through town. His mother, Michelle, was the behind-the-scenes photographer on set.

Click here for the latest on "The Proposal."


Anonymous said...

This is crap! I was born in Sitka Alaska! Why in the world would you film a movie and say that it was in Sitka, Alaska and it wasn't. Especially from one of the most beautiful places on this earth! I think the people who developed this film and decided to locate the filming in Mass. is Stupid!!! Use missed the boat!!! Not only that you should never be allowed to make films. What kind of person are you. Have you been to Alaska? Do you appreciate beauty! Did you consider the money that would benefit the city of Sitka! You are foolish and selfish. This should be posted everywhere online. Every person in Sitka should depand that you retract that you filmed this there, or get money from the revenue from the movie.

Anonymous said...

Sitka Alaska... who cares, the film isnt about being in Sitka alaska, it's about 'the proposal', its not like its a documentary about Alaska...they did a fantastic job, get over it and enjoy Ryan Reynolds hot bod !

Floyd said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Rockport is a beautiful place and made a great setting for the story. Get over yourself!

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