Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Wheel of Forturne' auditions at Marlborough mall

Want to spin the wheel? Casting scouts for "Wheel of Fortune" plan to park their 32-foot Wheelmobile next to Sears at the Solomon Pond Mall located at 601 Donald Lynch Blvd. in Marlborough on Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28 from 1-5 p.m.

On both days, on-site registration will be open to the public and a select few registered applicants will be selected to play in front of a panel of casting judges. All registered names will be kept for a possible callback in the future.

As previously reported, letter-turner Vanna White was spotted shooting a commercial on the brownstone-lined West Cedar Street in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood in the early evening on Tuesday, May 12. White also shot some footage on Acorn Street in Charlestown.

The TV game show icon was in town shooting promos for three weeks worth of Boston-set episodes of "Wheel of Fortune" slotted to be shot at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center located at 348 D St. in South Boston. Taping at the Convention Center is slotted to begin Thursday, Sept. 3 until Saturday, Sept. 5.

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MS9 said...

hi, i went to the mall today (Saturday) for 2nd show of the day. i took a lot of pics and video. i've posted a video of a sample round from towards the end of my session, which gives a feel for how the event runs. i will probably post more media later, but just getting this one up fast at first, especially for those who want to attend tomorrow. enjoy, ms9

MS9 said...

hi again, i posted two more videos...

and a set of pics...

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