Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Behind-the-scenes video of 'Grown Ups' set in Essex

Two young fans captured some behind-the-scenes action on the "Grown Ups" set at the Chebacco Lake location in Essex. The duo captured several of the flick's stars including Adam Sandler and Kevin James shooting a scene on a make-shift barge near Centennial Grove located at 30 Martin St.

While the footage is a bit shaky, they did mention that they spotted actor Rob Schneider taking a leak in a bush on set. Hilarious.

For the record, Sandler is taking a brief hiatus this week from filming to jet over to La-La Land for the premiere of his new flick “Funny People.”

Meanwhile, "Grown Ups" crews are building an elaborate set on the "neck" in Marblehead located at a private residence located at 100 Harbor Avenue.

For the next few weeks, set designers will be busy constructing a facade outside of the French-Spanish colonial-style house for a scene scheduled to film on Tuesday, Aug. 18 and Wednesday, Aug. 19. Tents will be set up at Riverhead Beach as well as the parking lot at Marblehead High School.

Click here for the latest on "Grown Ups."

--Photo by Ryan Miner, Beantown Photo


fan-o-Hayden said...

Delightful to see and hear the excitement of young movie makers as the older generation is at work! Maybe there is hope for exciting, imaginative movies in the future from Crocker and his friends!


Anonymous said...

Your information is a bit off - they are NOT filming in Marblehead and are leaving Essex on Sunday for the Cape.

filmgeek12 said...

thats me and my friend!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I recently sat in traffic right next to Rob Schneider. The man he was with told us he liked our dog.
funny, I was wondering what he was doing in Danvers

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