Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ben Affleck's 'The Town' planning Fenway climax

Pre-production crews are hashing out an elaborate production schedule for Ben Affleck's upcoming made-in-Boston heist flick "The Town."

An inside source says actors in the film will be robbing a few banks around town, including a shoot 'em up scene at a bank in Melrose, as well as orchestrating the ultimate con job at Fenway Park sometime in September.

"Expect gun fire and a few cars exploding," the source says.

Affleck, who recently wrapped filming the John Wells downsizing drama "The Company Men," is already scouting locations for the Charlestown-based flick "The Town," an adaptation of the blue-collar heist novel "Prince of Thieves" by Chuck Hogan which was written for the big screen by Peter Craig.

As previously reported, Affleck was "walking around the streets in the North End (Hanover, Salem, Cooper, etc), scouting possible shooting sites for his film."

The homegrown talent will star and direct in the film following a bizarre love triangle involving a crook, a female bankteller and a FBI agent. The latest is that "Frost/Nixon" actress Rebecca Hall will play the female lead.

Graham King, producer of recently shot "Edge of Darkness" starring Mel Gibson, plans to make a return trip to the Hub with Affleck's "The Town."

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