Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Faux-human teaser promos for 'The Surrogates'

The creative team hyping the made-in-Boston flick "The Surrogates," is revisiting familiar territory with a series of teaser posters with models striking seductive poses and revealing the nuts and bolts of their faux-human insides.

Bloggers are buzzing about the similarities of the campaign and the ones used for the now-defunct Fox TV show "The Sarah Connor Chronicles."

Similar? You decide.

An adaptation of Rob Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel, "The Surrogates" is a sci-fi flick set in the near future where humans interact with one another via synthetic stand-ins. In the film, Bruce Willis plays a detective who tracks down a series of surrogate serial killings.

Scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, Sept. 25, the one-liner from the teaser campaign: "Human perfection. What could go wrong?"

"The Surrogates" was filmed in the Seaport District area on Necco Street as well as the Human Scale office located on 179 South Street which was transformed into a futuristic salon called "Artiface" where the futuristic robots lined up for a makeover ... or better yet, a tune up.

The film's climax, where almost 300 extras and actors suddenly fall to the ground and play dead, was shot on Water Street in the Financial District.

Click here for the latest on "The Surrogates."

1 comment:

Callie Durbrow said...

Sounds a little different but maybe cool. Plus with Bruce Willis and a Boston backdrop it can't be all bad!

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