Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Production for Tom Cruise's 'Wichita' film heats up

Marc Blucas, who played Sarah Michelle Gellar's love interest in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," has signed to play Cameron Diaz's firefighter ex-boyfriend who still carries a torch for her in the upcoming made-in-Boston spy flick "Wichita" starring Tom Cruise.

The soon-to-be-renamed "Wichita" is scheduled to begin filming as soon as Tuesday, Sept. 15. In the movie, Cruise will play a secret agent who pops in and out of the life of a single woman played by Diaz.

Blucas joins Maggie Grace, known as the fallen poor little rich girl Shannon Rutherford on ABC's "Lost" series. The up-and-coming actress is slotted to play Diaz's sister and soon-to-be bride. In the made-in-Boston film, Diaz will stand-in for their late father and walk Grace's character down the aisle.

Meanwhile, crews are reportedly hashing out an elaborate crash scene where a commercial 727 airliner skids into a Cumberland Farms cornfield near Curve Street in Bridgewater. Scheduled to shoot Thursday, Sept. 24 and Friday, Sept. 25, the scene depicts the aftermath of a plane crash in a fictional Indiana locale.

Steve Cannaby, owner of Wichita-based Nu-Tek aircraft group, says he's working on some high-tech gadgetry for the Bridgewater plane scene. “They’re doing a action scene in a ... 727 cockpit. There’s some sort of a, like, shoot-out or something that’s supposed to happen in the cockpit," Cannaby spills.

Airport scenes will be shot at the Worcester Regional Airport beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 15 and act as a stand-in for the Wichita Airport in the film. Crews are building a gift shop, a transportation security inspection area and a bar. The set will be torn down after the four-day shoot.

Boston Casting is on the hunt for SAG females ages 27-45 and between size 8-10 for background work on "Wichita" as gate agents for a shoot slotted at the Worcester Regional Airport on Thursday, Sept. 17. If interested, e-mail photo and contact info to

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Jen said...

Blucas was also in a movie starring Cruise's wife Katie Holmes a few years ago. His character was sent to secretly protect the President's daughter (Holmes) when she went off to college. Subsequently the two fell in love, she learns about his betrayal, yada yada. Prez was played by Michael Keaton.

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