Sunday, October 11, 2009

Newsletter relaunch with Orient Watch film quiz

Can you name the following made-in-Boston flick?

The sci-fi movie, set in “a world where you can be anyone, go anywhere, do anything," stars Bruce Willis as a cop who tracks down a group that destroys the robots in a way that kills their human operators as well.

During production last summer, yellow "VSI" signs were used as an acronym for Virtual Self Industries, or the name of the company that creates the film's synthetic stand-ins

Figured out the mystery flick? Simply register for Loaded Gun’s bi-weekly newsletter slotted to relaunch later this month. The sign-up widget is located on the right-side navigation. Once you type in your e-mail address, you’ll be prompted to enter the mystery made-in-Boston movie.

Loaded Gun, a Boston-based pop culture blog, will relaunch its bi-weekly newsletter on Friday, October 23. Sign up and register for a slew of Hollywood East-inspired prizes including DVDs of made-in-Boston films to giveaways like the Orient Watch to the right (model BNQ1X0037).

The Ladies Orient Watch giveaway officially ends Thursday, October 22 at 11:59 a.m.

Looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend, spouse or father? Check out the Orient Diver Automatic (cfd0c001m). The water-resistant men's watch has a 40-hour power reserve, stainless-steel case and is water resistant.

One lucky winner will be announced in the revamped bi-weekly newsletter scheduled to relaunch on Friday, October 23.

Click here for the contest rules and disclaimer.


Stephanie said...

This watch is beautiful. I would like to win it for myself...but with Christmas approaching I may find the spirit to give it to a friend.

Stephen said...

this watch for the girlfriend and the diver for me...seems about right

Anonymous said...

Such a good movie, with relevancy to the real world. Are we going to become a bed-ridden race that literally don't need to leave our bedrooms to function in the real world? I could see the world going that way with the impact computers and technology has had today, but is it bad or good?

Kelsey said...

Beautiful watch. I could definitely use a nice, new watch. I'm thinking of getting my boyfriend an Orient watch from their Executive series--very classy.

Jordan said...

Orient's classy look and practicality make them a rare combo. I'd love to win.

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