Saturday, January 09, 2010

INTERVIEW: Tom Everett Scott on TNT's 'Southland'

Tom Everett Scott, an East Bridgewater native currently in Boston to promote the upcoming season of his TNT crime drama "Southland," says he jumped at the chance to revisit his hometown roots.

"It's just like home. I never got to know the city of Boston as well of some of friends who went to school here," he says, sitting on a couch in the posh Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons. "But growing up in Bridgewater, I would come into the city a lot to visit my dad who was a civil engineer."

Scott continues, "I love Boston. I really do. I can't believe they put me up in the Four Seasons overlooking the Boston Common. There's snow on the ground. It's just beautiful."

On Thursday, Jan. 7, Scott's mother (who recently relocated to Holden) and sister joined the 39-year-old native at an exclusive screening of the first episode of the new season of "Southland" at Ned Devine's Parris Room.

"I don't often get to do this sort of thing," he says, adding that it's been years since he made the trek home to film the flick "The Love Letter" in Rockport. "While I was making that movie, I became friends with the couple who owned the condo I stayed at in Rockport, which was right on the water in front of this beautiful rock jetty. The last time I was in town was eight years ago where we ate some great food and was able to take in a game at Fenway."

For the record, his wife's brother was a chef at Audobon Circle, a place he says was his favorite Boston hot spot.

Scott, known for his break-out role in "That Thing You Do!" as well as parts in "Boiler Room" and "Saved," made the return trip home from Los Angeles to celebrate the acclaimed cop show's move from NBC to TNT. The revamped series is slotted to begin airing the first 13 episodes with an extended version of the explosive pilot scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The "Southland" run on TNT includes six brand-new episodes, which are set to hit the small screen on Tuesday, March 2. "Southland" is a raw, authentic look at police work in Los Angeles that takes viewers inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims and their families.

In the series, Scott co-stars as Det. Russell Clarke, a complex man struggling with an unhappy marriage and a difficult living situation. At the end of the season finale, his character is gunned down on the front porch of neighbor during a climactic Fourth of July sequence.

"He was shot in the stomach and is having a hard time walking because of a spinal injury," he tells Loaded Gun Boston. "As an actor, it was cool that he was shot. It's a challenge playing this guy who was having trouble with his marriage and wasn't doing well connecting with people in his personal life."

Scott says he's enjoying Clarke's character arc. "He needs this job. It's his way to connect to the world," he explains. "And now that he's been injured it's going to be hard for him to come back. It''s great writing and as an actor, this is the sort of thing I really like to play."

Besides its obvious ties to homeboy Scott, "Southland" is helmed by Emmy-winning producer John Wells. For those in the know, Wells wrapped filming the made-in-Boston downsizing drama "The Company Men," starring Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Maria Bello, Tommy Lee Jones and Rosemarie DeWitt, during the summer.

Scott, who originally met Wells during his stint as Eric Wyczenski on "ER," says he chatted with the filmmaker during "The Company Men" shoot.

"The cast of that film is amazing," he says of the locally shot downsizing drama. "I remember being jealous that he was in Boston and had a chance to see the Red Sox during the summer."

When asked about all the made-in-Boston film action, Scott says he would welcome the opportunity to snag a role in a locally shot flick.

"There's always a chance and I would jump at the chance to work here. Maybe someday they'll film 'The Love Letter 2,'" he adds with a laugh. "You never know."--Photos by Ryan Miner, Beantown Photo


Jamie Babineau said...

i was there! he was so nice, talked to me for what felt like forever, was a dream come true to meet him!

Sam Baltrusis said...

Loaded Gun photographer Ryan Miner is offering prints from the Tom Everett Scott event:

Jen said...

I was there too! Good time. Though I'll admit the Jamie Kaler event at Parris was better. He was a lot more fun to hang out with before and after the event.

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