Friday, February 26, 2010

'OxyMorons' trailer captures gritty side of Boston

The eight-minute sneak peek for "OxyMorons," a low-budget indie flick helmed by actor and North End restaurant owner Damien DiPaola, director Robert Scali, screenwriter John Hickey and starring UFC fighter Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia, showcases the oh-so-mean streets of Charlestown.

Hickey and crew kicked off filming at the Barnstable County House of Correction in Bourne in September and moved to the Boston area, shooting scenes in Charlestown and the North End, with primary filming ending on Sept. 21.

Based on the screen writer's real-life experiences with drug addiction, the cautionary drug tale follows Hickey's rise and fall as a player in the local Oxycontin trade. "OxyMorons" is a dark horror film about the effects of Oxycontin on a family, town and its inhabitants.

What's great about this made-in-Boston film is that the community has stepped up to help make the film a reality, including support from Charlestown Against Drugs and St. Catherine's Church.

Also, the C-town accents are legit ... none of the Hollywood-manufactured attempts we've seen recently on the big screen from Mel Gibson in "Edge of Darkness" and Leonardo DiCaprio in "Shutter Island."

Local players like Michele McPhee, WAAF's Lyndon Byers and Richard DeAgazio joined the cast as extras. According to the film's MySpace page here, crews continue plugging away at scene re-shoots in preparation for release.

Click here for the latest on "OxyMorons."


Anonymous said...

This movie looks insane...I can't wait to see it

Sis Cesspool said...

Makes "Drug Store Cowboy" look like a romper room.

Anonymous said...

John Hickey is a federal informant. He had two of his friends sent away for 25 years total!

Mike Bernard said...

Why do you talk bull-crap about John, get a life if you don't like him and wanna make up stuff about him at least leave your name. Obviously he rent's allot of space in your head if you're following him on the web to talk crap. You are a web informant. (Too Funny) p.s. John your film looks AWESOME!!!!!!

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