Tuesday, May 04, 2010

'Fairhaven' indie slotted to film locally in the fall

"Fairhaven," an upcoming indie comic drama starring Chris Messina, Rosemarie DeWitt, Brad William Henke and Tom O'Brien, is slotted to be shot on location in Fairhaven and New Bedford in September.

The flick follows a former high school and collegiate football star Jon (played by O'Brien) who, in his 30s, returns to where he came from, the small Massachusetts fishing village known as Fairhaven.

Jon is inspired to do some soul searching after watching a TV interview with Tom Brady, who proclaims after three super bowl wins, that "there's got to be something more than this."

The fallen football hero reconnects with his old schoolmate, Sam (played by Henke), and awaits the return of their third pal, Dave (Messina from "Julie & Julia"), to reunite the Fairhaven-bred trio.

DeWitt, who recently shot the made-in-Boston downsizing drama "The Company Men" with Ben Affleck, stars as Kate, Sam's stunning ex wife.

The trio finally reunite when Dave returns to his hometown roots when his estranged father dies.

O'Brien, who is a successful NYC-based playwright and actor, says that he was inspired to craft the story after visiting his mother, a therapist in New Bedford, and his Fairhaven-based aunt.

"I was at the house one day and I started writing this little story about these guys that grew up in Fairhaven," the Medford native says here. "It was really inspired by the area. The town just made me start to think about the people in the town and what life would be like living there."

Click here for the lowdown and here for the latest on "Fairhaven."

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