Friday, September 17, 2010

Slaine sounds off in fall 2010 LGB magazine

Loaded Gun Boston, an online destination focusing on the latest crop of made-in-Boston films, launched its Fall 2010 magazine showcasing the behind-the-scenes buzz surrounding Hollywood East as well as the people, places and products featured.

Think of it as a star maps for made-in-Massachusetts movie buffs. In this issue, Boston's Slaine sounds off about his role in "The Town," LGB goes on location with Jackson Rathbone on the Wayland set of "Girlfriend" and there are travel-inspiration guides and photos for "The Town," "The Social Network," "What's Your Number?" and "Zookeeper."

Here's an excerpt of the profile by writer Christopher Treacy on Slaine from "The Town" in the Fall 2010 edition of Loaded Gun Boston magazine:

Not all musicians make good actors. But some seem to cross between the two mediums with ease. Is there some special formula for being able to gracefully make the switch?

There’s no single right answer to the question--some creative people are more versatile than others. But according to Boston’s own Slaine, an Irish-American hip-hop MC born 33 years ago as George Carroll Jr., it’s got something to do with feeling beholden to both an audience and the character you’re portraying.

“I consider myself a writer and storyteller first and foremost, and a performer as well,” he says during a recent chat with Loaded Gun Boston. “That’s pretty much what I know and am passionate about, so anything that crosses those lines is something I’m going to be interested in pursuing. It gives me a great sense of pride to be a storyteller through acting and music. I am a voice for the voiceless in some ways, and that’s a responsibility I hold very close to my heart.”

Slaine is shaping up to be that rare individual who can leap between music and film without alienating portions of his fan base. Best known in musical circles as a member of the ongoing hip-hop collectives La Coka Nostra and Special Teamz, he landed a generous part in the new Ben Affleck blockbuster, "The Town," which opens nationwide on Friday, Sept. 17. This is his second film, the first having been Affleck’s "Gone Baby Gone" in 2007.

Many of the movie locations from "The Town" are featured in Loaded Gun Boston's new star maps guide for made-in-Boston movie buffs.

Preview a copy of the fall 2010 issue of Loaded Gun Boston magazine or purchase the guide for $7.50 here. Also, there's a 25% discount on the guide until Sept. 30.
Boston Movie Locations :: Fall 2010

Loaded Gun Boston Issue 2: Boston Movie Locations :: Fall 2010

Loaded Gun Boston launched its Fall 2010 magazine featuring a travel-inspiration guide and photos from the sets of several made-in-Boston films including "The Town," "The Social Network" and "Zookeeper."

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