Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Mark Wahlberg produces 'Teamsters' reality show

Dorchester homeboy Mark Wahlberg. who stars in the upcoming, made-in-Boston flick "Ted" and fought his way to the top with the made-in-Lowell "Irish" Micky Ward biopic "The Fighter," plans to revisit his blue-collar roots with a new, locally shot "unscripted pilot" tentatively called "Teamsters" slotted for A&E.

"Set in the real-life world that provided such color to films as 'The Fighter' and 'The Departed,' 'Teamsters' will give viewers a first-hand glimpse of the most legendary union in the most aggressive and territorial city in America: Boston. Here, the Teamsters Local 25 battle for the rights of their 11,000 members," spills A&E in a press release here.

Local 25 is a Charlestown-based union that represents a slew of tough-as-nails workers from groups like Boston Sand and Gravel, UPS and Waste Management. For the record, the actor's now-passed father, Donald, was a Local 25 truck driver.

Meanwhile, Wahlberg will hit the big screen again on Friday, July 13 in the made-in-Boston comedy helmed by "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane (see photo) and co-starring Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi and Patrick Warburton. The film is about a man and his teddy bear, who happens to come to life after Wahlberg's character John made a childhood wish.

"Ted," which recently had a few pick-up shots in Los Angeles, was filmed in Bay Village (photo below), the South End, South Boston and other locations scattered throughout the area including the Boston Common, Public Garden, Charles River Hatch Shell, Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, Union United Methodist Church and Venu located at 100 Warrenton St.

Click here for the latest on Wahlberg.--"Ted" photos by Ryan Miner, Beantown Photo

Friday, March 02, 2012

The week in quotes from Hollywood in the Hub

"Lincoln gave them what they were looking for aesthetically, and also it was a convenient location."

--Town administrator Tim Higgins says Lincoln's Matlock Farm
located at 39 Lexington Road will serve as a location for the Tom Hanks flick "Captain Phillips" in late March.

"We did spend time at Pine Street Inn homeless shelter, where Nick Flynn, who wrote the memoir, had worked. It was interesting to see him kind of blend into the woodwork, which he did very well.. He had a cap pulled over his eyes and he pretended to have a cold so he could cover up his face."

--Director Paul Weitz spills that Robert De Niro spent a day at Boston's Pine Street Inn to research his role in "Being Flynn." There is a special screening at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 7 at the Kendall Square Cinema with Swampscott-born writer Nick Flynn, Weitz, actor Paul Dano and producer Andrew Miano.

"With the Boston setting and heist elements, 'Brilliant' is starting to sound a bit like 'The Town' which could be to the film's benefit."

--Gerard Butler, fresh out of rehab, is reportedly coming to Boston in May to shoot the diamond heist flick "Brilliant."

"“I suppose I am conscious of being drawn to people who are a little different. Or who think for themselves.’’

--Viggo Mortensen, slotted to receive an award at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on Monday, March 5, chats about why he's drawn to quirky characters that challenge the status quo.
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